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    Touchstone for the Future

    Thinking ahead, the accumulation of knowledge for a new breakthrough in the creation of the next generation of aircraft is an important aspect of the efforts among TsAGI scientists. One of the prime examples of such efforts is the testing of a reference model of a typical transport-class aircraft wing, the first phase of which was recently completed at the Institute. We met Petr Karkle, an expert in the field of aeroelasticity from TsAGI, to discuss how the experiments of today can help to get prospective ideas off the ground.

    — Mr. Karkle, please tell us more about the reference model: why is it called so and what is so special about it?

    — The model is called reference because it has been designed and manufactured in full compliance with the specifications of a typical full-scale aircraft wing. By doing so, we intend to narrow down the diversity of results and measurements.

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