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  • Without any noise and delay
    Without any noise and delay

    We have already written several times about a new generation airliner — a supersonic business jet (SBJ), which is being developed by TsAGI’s scientists. The specialists of the Institute work on its design, study its aerodynamic characteristics, and work on providing high supersonic flight speeds. But the question of compliance with current and prospective environmental requirements on the noise level is still open. This problem is actively studied in the Russian Center of Aeronautical Science; and the seminar of the Academic Council of TsAGI is also dedicated to this problem. We met with Viktor Kopyev, the Head of the Acoustic Department, an expert of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute in the field of aeroacoustics, and talked with him about the future research on the prospective airplane’s development.

    “Viktor Feliksovich, what problems are being faced in the development of supersonic passenger aviation regarding aeroacoustics?”

    “The issue of the noise level of a supersonic aircraft is very relevant. Similar studies are being conducted all over the world by many companies, including such major players in the market, as Boeing and Airbus. The idea of high-speed flight is much in demand, not only in the area of business aviation, but also in the field of passenger transport.

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