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TsAGI CEO Kirill Sypalo Addresses on International Women’s Day

5 March 2021

Dear women colleagues,

Speaking on behalf of all the gentlemen from our Institute, I wish you all the best on the occasion of International Women’s Day, this warmest spring holiday.

March, 8 is justly considered one of the most beloved holidays, as it is dedicated to love and tenderness, to grace and elegance.

Historically, the holiday is enrooted in global solidarity between women who fought for their rights’ equality and for emancipation. Today, this date no longer reminds us of its origins, as the holiday symbolizes respect and love towards a woman as a fundamental part of each man’s, child’s, or parent’s life.

You, the most beautiful part of humanity, comprise a less than half of all the employees who work today at TsAGI. Your professionalism and dedication play an extremely important role in a great number of areas. You are ready to face challenges and psychological stress; you are socially active and communicative; your professional skills are constantly developing.

Kind and sensitive but strong and decisive, you take on everyday roles of devoted wives and caring mothers, wise directors and diligent specialists, talented scientists and qualified engineers. And you are brilliant at all these roles.

Dear ladies, you are the pride and beauty of our Institute; you symbolize inspiration, glory and love. We are grateful for all that you have ever done for us, for your hard regular work, care, understanding, and endless patience.

We wish you to be healthy and beloved not only at this holiday but any other day. So let love and mutual understanding always live in your families; and let your dreams come true in your life!

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