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TsAGI Participates in Closing Meeting on RUMBLE Project

1 March 2021

The leaders of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated in the closing meeting of the RUMBLE (RegUlation and norm for low sonic Boom Levels), a project within EU FP8 Horizon 2020. The event was held online on February, 12.

At the video conference, the experts heard and discussed the outcomes of their joint work. The Russian part substantially contributed to the RUMBLE project by organizing and conducting a flight experiment in 2018 and 2019 to evaluate sonic boom performance and vibration level inside dwellings, to validate the existing calculation methods, and to develop the new ones. Experts also performed test calculations of aerodynamic and sonic-boom levels of foreign configurations of low sonic-boom demonstrators. It was shown that supersonic airliner sonic boom loudness in various metrics is connected with the airliner takeoff weight. Proposals were prepared for future international regulations on supersonic aircraft sonic boom.

‘Our participation in this project has once again shown that we demonstrate a high level of competence in supersonic aerodynamics and sonic boom simulation. In addition, it is logically connected to the WCRC ‘Supersonic’: the results of the project will be further developed to implement the WCRC program’, said Sergey Chernyshev, TsAGI Chief Scientific Officer, Academician of the RAS.

TsAGI coordinated the work of the Russian research organizations and universities: the Moscow Aviation Institute, CIAM, Gromov Flight Research Institute, and State Research Institute of Civil Aviation. The Russian scientists put their efforts to lay the groundwork and increase TRL for configurations with higher fuel efficiency, higher flight safety, decreased noise and lower sonic boom.

The project research cooperation was aimed to developing ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard international regulations on supersonic airliner acoustic impact.

RUMBLE is an international project aimed at elaborating norms and criteria for sonic boom produced by next-generation supersonic airliners. It unites 19 partners from 8 countries, including Airbus Group (the Coordinator), Dassault Aviation, DLR, ONERA, etc. The specialists determined the norms of acceptable noise and vibration levels for supersonic aircraft flying overland. The final document is to be presented to the International Civil Aviation Organization. The project started in November 2017 and ended in 2021.

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