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TsAGI Participates in Conference on Aircraft Engineering Technology Development

3 March 2021

  • Онлайн-встречу открыл генеральный директор НИЦ «Институт имени Н.Е. Жуковского» Андрей Дутов
  • Заместитель начальника комплекса безопасности полетов ЦАГИ Андрей Шустов
  • И.о. начальника ЦКИТ ЦАГИ Андрей Кажан

TsAGI heads and specialists participated in the Scientific and Practical Conference of NRC “Zhukosvky Institute” entitled Technological Development of Aircraft Engineering: Global Trends and National Interests of Russia. The event was held online on February 25.

In his introductory speech, Andrey Dutov, CEO of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”, said that the conference was primarily aimed at coordinating Russian scientists’ vision on technological development strategy of national aircraft engineering in contemporary conditions.

Other plenary reports were delivered by Alexey Novgorodov, Deputy CEO of Russian Federal Air Transport Agency; Igor Moiseenko, CEO of Russian State ATM Corporation; Artur Mirzoyan, ICAO CAEP Member from the Russian Federation; Vladislav Kosyanchuk, GosNIIAS First Deputy CEO; etc.

TsAGI specialists presented about 10 papers at that conference. Andrey Shustov, Deputy Head of Flight Safety (TsAGI), delivered his report (coauthored by I. Kovalyov and V. Lazarev) on technological efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cryogen fuels in civil aviation. In his words, the possibilities of cryogen aviation are especially important for Russia due to the country’s rich natural gas deposits and large distances.

‘The analysis shows the efficiency of cryogen fuels for long-haul and, possibly, medium-haul aircraft. Configurations of these aircraft would be different from the traditional ones, which is predetermined by peculiarities of keeping cryogen fuels on board,’ said Andrey Shustov.

An important conference track was the discussion of prospects for creating a new generation of domestic supersonic transport (SST). One of the reports dedicated to the goals and objectives of creating a demonstrator of SST technologies, was delivered by Andrey Kazhan, Acting Head of TsAGI Center for Advanced Technology Integration (CATI), coauthored by I. Bashkirov, V. Kazhan, S. Chernyshev et al. The online-conference participants were shown a concept of Strizh SST technology demonstrator; its design integrates technological solutions for the aerodynamic layout, the power plant, the structural-power scheme, and the control system, which ensure the compliance with the expected environmental requirements for advanced SSTs.

‘The scientific and technical background formed within a number of R&D projects requires the validation for the efficiency and feasibility of SST technologies in full-scale conditions. This will require development and flight tests of the relevant aircraft demonstrator, and today we deliver to scientists our vision of what it should be,’ said Andrey Kazhan.

Other reports made by TsAGI scientists addressed such topics as evaluation of prospects for using distributed electric power plants on a short-haul aircraft (E. Bobyr’, A. Dunaevsky et al), AI-powered aircraft design trends (V. Sukhanov, A. Shustov), feasibility assessment of in-flight refueling technology for long-haul aircraft based on simulation modeling (V. Buzulukov, A. Klimin, A. Smirnov et al).

Apart from TsAGI specialists, the conference was also attended by representatives of Russia’s Aviation Certification Center, UEC-Aviadvigatel, Foundation for Advanced Research, Gromov Flight Research Institute, Institute of Control Sciences RAS, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Yakutia Airlines etc.

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