Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Multi-Component Wind Tunnel Strain Gage Balance

Six-component internal strain gage balance with belt suspension for T-106 WT
Six-component internal strain gage balance with belt suspension for T-106 WT

TsAGI is highly experienced in creating the multi-component strain gage balance been used for measuring the aerodynamic loads. The balance performance characteristics are equal to the highest foreign analogues. The institute possesses a unique technology of design, production, adjustment and metrological supply of these balance.

Since the middle of the forties of the XX century more than 300 strain gage balances were developed. These balances are used to provide the wind tunnel tests of all types of current and advanced Russian aircraft as well as of foreign ones. Companies from the USA, Brazil, France, China and other countries are among our customers.

Main Types of Strain Gage Balance

According to the problem statement, the operation conditions and the tests specificity the fol­lowing types of wind tunnel strain gage balance are to be identified:

  • strain gage balance with high accuracy and wide range of measured loads (1…6000) kgf for transsonic wind tunnels of continuous and perio­dic action;
  • strain gage balance with high operation speed (measuring time from 0,005 s) for hypersonic impulse and shock wind tunnels;
  • strain gage balance with broad operating temperature range (stagnation temperature up to 3000 К) for hypersonic high-temperature wind tunnels;
  • strain gage balance for low loads measurements in vacuum wind tunnels;
  • six-component rotating strain gage balance with the rotation speed up to 6000 rpm for rotors investigation;
  • strain gage balance with internal and external placement of sensitive elements for all types of wind tunnels;
  • six-component internal strain gage balance with belt suspension.

Special Features used to Develop the Technology

  • The computing system based of the finite-ele­ment method and the CAD designers were crea­ted to calculate and analyze the stress-strain state of balance at design stage.
  • The special production complex that includes electro-erosion machines and equipment for pasting the strain gages and strain gage ba­lance assemblage is used when manufacturing the strain gage balance.
  • The complex of reference test rigs was created for metrological research, verification and calibration of strain gage balance. These test rigs are supplied with precise measuring equipment that provides the measurement range of lifting force from 10 to 40000 N and error of 0.05…0.1 % in re of range.