Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Temperature Sensitive Paint


Measuring the heat fluxes and visualizing the boundary layer transition at supersonic and hypersonic flow velocities including use of short-duration wind tunnels (> 10 ms).

The Temperature Sensitive Paint method known abroad as TSP approach is based on phenomenon of thermal quenching of organic luminophores luminescence. To implement this technique the model surface is coated with a special paint which is a thin polymer layer containing the specific luminophor molecules. The luminophor is excited by light of appropriate wavelength and the luminescence intensity which is reversely proportional to the temperature is measured with CCD cameras.

Technical Characteristics

Range of measured temperatures, °C 0…80
Sensitivity, % per °C 2…4
Coating thickness, μm 2…5


  • Multiuse ability.
  • Low inertia and heat capacity, there is no absorption of energy for phase transition.
  • The ability to be used in short-duration wind tunnels.
  • High spatial resolution.