Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Radiance Pyrometry


Non-contact measurement of temperature distribution on solid or liquid objects at high temperatures.

Pyrometry — is a method of temperature measurement using the natural thermal equilibrium radiation of the tested object in visible or near-infrared spectrum range.

The brightness-temperature pyrometers define the absolute power value emitted by the heated surface at some wavelength. The body radiance temperature, as defined, is the temperature of a black body that has the same level of spectral brightness at the chosen wavelength. In some cases, the true temperature is required to be known and it can be calculated if the emissivity of investigated object is known. Emissivity is measured in laboratory before and after the experiment by use of spectrophotometer with an integrated sphere.

Technical Characteristics

The measured temperature range is 800…2500 °C that is determined by external illumination as upwards, in particular, from the heater in the plenum chamber of the wind tunnel (lower limit) and by the existing standard base (upper limit).


Research of heat-protection materials and testing the structural components of rockets and landing modules.