Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Multi-Channel Pressure Fields Measuring Systems

MMD-32 and MMD-48 Multi-point Pressure Modules
MMD-32 and MMD-48 Multi-point Pressure Modules

Multi-channel pressure modules are the main mean of investigating the pressure distribution on the model surface which use the strain gage principle of converting pressure into electric signal.

A number of multi-point pressure modules is developed in TsAGI according to the number of channels (MMD-24; MMD-32; MMD-48; MMD-64; MMD-128) and a new generation measuring system with multi-point pressure modules is created.

Comparative Performances of Multi-Channel Pressure Modules

Characteristics/MMD MMD-24 MMD-32 EMMD-48 MDK-64
Measurement range, kPa 100 100 100 100
Measuring error, % 0.15…0.2 ≤0.15 0.15 0.15
Volume per channel (without fittings), sm3/ch 2.2 0.18 2.3 0.56
Outer dimensions (without fittings), mm 70×32×30 59×12×9 102×75×20 42×27×22
Output signal analog analog digital RS485 analog

Technical Characteristics

Number of channels:  
MMD-32 (16 modules) 512
MDK-64 (8 modules) 512
EMMD-48 (10 modules) 480
Rated pressure, kPa 10; 40; 100
Data acquisition rate, channel/s 5000
Baseline reduced error of pressure measuring, % ±0.15


  • Pressure distribution research in wind tunnels of TsAGI and other organizations of the branch.
  • Testing the An-78 aircraft model (USC "Antonov") in T-106 WT (TsAGI).