Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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TsAGI Complex of Metrology. Special Standards Base

A set of test rigs for verification and calibration of
KGS-TV multi-component wind tunnel balance

Error ±(0.05…0.1)%
Range 10 N…40 kN

Test rig for metrological research and certification of
STA-1 strain-facilities

STA-1 strain-facilities
STA-1 strain-facilities
Error ±0.08%
Range up to 100 kHz

Test rig for verification and calibration of
SGD-4 multi-channel pressure modules

Error ±10 Pa
Range (0.05…5)⋅105 Pa

Control equipment for optical-physical measuring
tools calibration

Facilities for calibration of luminescent pressure sensitive paints and videogrammetry systems
Facilities for calibration of luminescent pressure sensitive paints and videogrammetry systems
  • Facility for calibration of luminescent pressure sensitive paints.
  • Facility for calibration of videogrammetry systems.

EMS-0.1/60 special standard for air flow velocity unit

EMS-0.1/60 special standard for air flow velocity unit
EMS-0.1/60 special standard for air flow velocity unit

TsAGI Department of metrology is accredited by Rosstandard (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology) to verify, calibrate and carry out the certification study of flow parameters measuring aids: pressure probes, anemometers and velocity sensors. The standard is assigned to be used when equipping wind tunnel laboratories and regional centers of metrology. The certificate is awarded for the package of 10 standards which are used in departments of metrology in TsAGI and in multiple agencies such as: "Rostest-Moscow", "Tyumen' TsSM", "ALROSA", "Uljanovsk KBP", "Kazan NITU (KAI)". The organizations from Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Mongolia and some Russian regions submitted requests for standards delivery.

Technical Characteristics

Velocity range, m/s 0.1…60
Test section, m 0.2 × 0.2
Error limit, m/s ±(0.006 + 0.0005V)
Dimensions, m 4.25 × 1.1 × 1.2
Flow velocity instability within 10 minutes, % 0.2
Three-phase electric power supply, V 380
Maximal flow turbulence at 30 m/s, % 0.37
Power consumption, kWt 5.5
Verification interval, year 3
Mass, kg 250

Air flow of high quality is provided by: plenum chamber with smooth input; honeycomb of celled type; nozzle with optimal profile that provides the high level of compression; two output diffusers with attached flow.

The installation is provided with verified anemometers in the plenum chamber when velocities range is from 0.1 to 6 m/s. When the speed range is from 1 to 60 m/s the anemometers are installed in the test section. At that, a special method to take into account its load level is used. The flow parameters measuring precise system is an instrument to evaluate the metrological characteristics of standard.

Precise system of wt flow parameters measurement

Precise system of WT flow parameters measurement
Precise system of WT flow parameters measurement

The system measures the total and static pressure, their ΔP difference, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. It provides the enhancement of WT test capabilities, the considerable lessening the error of measurement, the operational metrological control in real time and is an effective instrument to improve the wind tunnel tests quality.

Technical Characteristics

Dynamic pressure measurement range, Pa 0.6…2210
Measurement errors:
– dynamic pressure, Pa ±(0.03…0.1)
– temperature, °C ±0.2
– humidity, % ±2

The system consists of the crate with pressure sensors, the temperature and humidity measuring block and the data acquisition computer system. For precise measurement of ΔP dynamic pressure in a wide range, 4 intervals with their own measurement equations are selected. The measurement of low velocities is the most difficult problem for the pneumometric method. Thus when measuring the velocity of ~1 m/s with error of ±0.01 m/s the ~0.6 Pa pressure is measured with error of ±0.03 Pa. These results were obtained due to the individual calibration and matching the measuring transducers by use of standard micro manometer of МКМ100 bell type.

The flow parameters measuring systems are created for a number of wind tunnels in TsAGI and other organizations.

MKM-100 reference micro manometer

The device is assigned to verify and calibrate the precise pressure drop transducers. The measured pressure is fed to the bell that is drowned in liquid. The force applied is balanced by the reference loads at precise electronic balance.

Technical Characteristics

Measured pressure range, Pa 0…100
Accuracy category 0.02
Dimensions, mm 200 × 350 × 500

Certification tests of the micro manometer are carried out for the device to be approved as of MKM-100 type.

UGT-1 facility for strain unit reproduction

The facility is intended to carry out metrological researches of strain gage transducers, fiber-optic and other detectors of deformation: certification is made accordingly to GOST 2161691 and certification tests while confirming their type.

Technical Characteristics

Reproduced strain, mln−1 3000
Discreteness of strain designation, mln−1 2
Number of strain gage transducers, items 16
Rated resistance of strain gage transducers, Ohm 100…1000
Reduced error of deformation reproduction, % ±0.5