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IVK M2 Measuring and Computing Complex. Potok Unified Software Package

IVK M2 Measuring and Computing Mobile Complex
IVK M2 Measuring and Computing Mobile Complex

IVK M2 Measuring and Computing Complex


  • Precise measurements and data processing.
  • Test facilities control.
  • Equipment monitoring and diagnostics.


  • Multi-functionality.
  • Open architecture.
  • Unified hardware and software means.
  • High measurement precision.
  • Multi-channel configuration.
  • Mobility.
  • Considerably low cost vs. those ones of foreign analogues.
  • Device is possible to be manufactured at instrument making plant.



  • Measurement of strain, forces, pressure, temperature, displacement and phase shift by resistance strain gauge, thermometric, frequency, photo-electronic, selsyn and acoustic sensors.
  • Measuring the rated and non-rated signals of direct current and carrier frequency transducers and sensors.
  • Analog and digital filtration of signals.


  • Program control of measuring modes: amplification factor, bandwidth, polarity and supply level of sensors, capacity of ADC, measuring rate.
  • Control of actuators, shutters, gates, electric motors, etc.
  • Control of aircraft model position in wind tunnel, Mach number, flow velocity.

Technical Characteristics

Number of measuring channels:
force piezoresistive transducers (strain gage balance) up to 40
multi-channel piezoresistive pressure transducers up to 1000
strain gages for dynamic processes up to 32
resistive thermometers 8, min
frequency output sensors 8, min
photo-electronic sensors of displacement 5, min
selsyn displacement sensors 6, min
The signal measurement reference reduced error:
force and pressure piezoresistive transducers, % not more than ±(0.2…0.03)
dynamic processes piezoresistive transducers, % ±0.2
frequency output sensors % ±0.005
photo-electronic displacement sensors, bit ±1
selsyn displacement sensors, % ±0.03
Data acquisition rate subject to measuring channel type from 0.1 s (10 Hz) to 0.4⋅10−6 s (2.5 MHz)
Number of control channels:
discrete input not less than 32
discrete output not less than 32
analog output not less than 16

Functional capabilities and characteristics of IVK M2 data acquisition and control integrated system are certified by Rosstandard to confirm the measurement instrument type. This complex is filed in the Russian State Register of measuring equipment (№ 2741204) and is allowed to be used in Russian Federation.

The configuration and the number of measurement and control channels in IVK M2 complex may be different due to the test task in definite aero-gas-dynamic facility.


Designed and manufactured data-computing systems of new generation are implemented in main industrial subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnels in TsAGI and in a number of organizations in aerospace branch.

Services Proposed

  • Customized design, manufacturing and delivery.
  • Starting-up and adjustment.
  • Exploitation and after-sales service.
  • Customized tests performance by use of mobile IVK M2 complex.

Potok Unified Software Package


IVK M2 — Potok Hardware-and-Software Package is the Baseline Platform to Create the IndustryStandards for Experimental Researches Integral Automation Systems.

It is intended to automize comprehensively the experiment in wind tunnels at stages of preparation, testing, processing, analyzing and presenting data for information-measuring and control systems of new generation.

It is intended to provide the execution of aircraft model balance tests, pressure fields measuring, investigation of unsteady processes, including a few tests consolidation in a single test, sensors calibration.

Package Composition

Potok Unified Software Package consists of the core and the applied programs suit. The core provides the real-time package operation in local network and in means of access to the wind tunnel experiment database. The unified application programs suite provides the package operation in real-time regimes and standard ones.


  • Automatic preparation of the information-measuring and control system for the experiment: testing subsystems, automatic data input into a database.
  • Centralized control of tests in manual or automatic mode: performing the tests operating program in automatic mode or by operator's orders, synchronization of measuring and control subsystems operation.
  • Multi-regime data acquisition: data acquisition from measuring facilities of various types with specified measuring rate per each measuring channel.
  • In-line processing and presentation of data.
  • Simultaneous execution of various tests types in several wind tunnels by application of gene­ral measuring system.
  • Complete processing and presentation of test data results.

Key Features

  • Scaling by number of computers in a local network.
  • Flexible reconfiguration of applied measuring equipment and applied functions.
  • Support of real-time modes in local network: integrated mechanisms to transfer commands and messages, general real-time data domain.
  • Distributed processing of data.
  • In-detail structured database for various types of experiment.
  • Providing the applied programs and data unification.
  • Open architecture for expansion of software and hardware aids.
  • Support of measuring equipment related to different standards (VME/VXI, PCI, PXI, RS 232/485, Ethernet, etc.) and different manufacturers.