Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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ASA/D Analog Strain-Gage Normalizers

It is designed to investigate the flutter of dynamically similar aircraft models in the test facilities of TsAGI (T-104 WT and T-103 WT) and in organizations in aerospace and other industrial branches.

Technical Characteristics

Number of channels 8; 24
Sensor type resistance strain gage, accelerometers, pressure sensors
Measuring limits, mV 3; 6; 12; 24
Output voltage, V ±5
Measured frequencies range, Hz 0…1000; 5…1000
Baseline error, % ±0.2

Key Features

  • Emergency conditions indication.
  • Bipolar source for channel calibration.
  • Additional amplification in dynamic processes research regime.
  • Embeded multiband low-pass filter.
  • Execution variants, number of channels — 24 and 8.
  • Ability to change the voltage polarity of the strain-balance.
  • "EUROMECHANICS-19" are form factors.


Automation of normalizers control.