Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Measuring Technique and Metrology

Measuring Technique and Metrology

Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after prof. N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) — is one of the major centers of world aeronautic science. A wide scope of fundamental and applied researches in aerodynamics, flight dynamics, static strength, aircraft lifetime and safety is performed in the institute. The unique experimental base that includes more than 60 wind tunnels and hydrodynamic installations, static and dynamic strength laboratories and flight simulators is at disposal of TsAGI.

To meet the becoming ever-tougher requirements of up-to-date experiment the fundamental and applied researches and developments are performed in institute. These activities aim to enhance the available measuring means and methods and to design the innovative ones, the greater part which of are of world priority level.

To enhance the experimental research cost-efficiency and informativity a number of measuring and computing integrated systems of new generation is developed and implemented successfully at TsAGI in order to improve the accuracy and information content of the experimental research. In Russia TsAGI plays a leading role in development of the strain-gage method to measure forces and pressures; the optical-physical methods and measurement means are developed and widely used. The special standards for checking the metrology system accuracy characteristics are created that have no analogues in RosStandard organizations.

Development of new techniques and means for experimental researches at TsAGI significantly facilitates the progress of future aeronautic science in Russia.


  • Development and implementation of hardware and software packages for measuring and control systems to provide tests in wind tunnels and at test facilities.
  • Development and improvement of primary measuring devices: the strain gage balance, the pressure modules, the flow parameters and angle position measuring equipment.
  • Development and upgrading the contact-free optical methods to visualize flow and measurements.
  • Development of film-, photo- and videoregistration and archiving to provide tests.
  • Metrological support of measuring processes, maintenance and development of TsAGI’s unique base of standards and providing the technological check and calibration.

Test Complex Automation Systems

Strain Gage Balances and Test Rigs

Optical-Physical Test Methods

Metrological Measurement Assurance