Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Live hydrodynamic and nautical amphibious planes and ground-based amphibious transport tests at the water aerodrome Dubna

The water aerodrome Dubna is located in the water areas and contiguous littoral territories of Domkinsky creek of Ivankovsky reservoir. At present, the water aerodrome is under construction with major construction work beginning in 2011. However, there already exists defined flying instructions and scientific and research laboratories at TsAGI facilities designed to carry out live water aerodrome tests on a full range of subjects: aircrafts Poni, Dubna-2, Shmel, CHE-22, Aviatika-890U, aerodynamic ground-effect craft Ivolga, as well as of the amphibious blowmobiles of ANTK Tupolev AS-2, air-cushioned machine Aerola of the Dubninsky machine-shop and Kaiman of CJSC Komven, search-and-rescue amphibian vehicle of the EMERCOM (Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense), and flight-airmobile special purpose complex Blue bird (ZIL-4906). During the tests TsAGI used temporary water area marking, temporary covered parking and a temporary slipway. Training flights on the water aerodrome started as early as 2004 where pilots practice drawing and discharging water with the EMERCOM fire-fighting amphibious aircrafts BE-200. In 2007 flight tests of the float-type landing gear aircraft An-2, produced of composite materials, were made at the water aerodrome. 

The responsible specialists are:

Vladimir P. Sokolyansky
tel. +7 (495) 916-90-91 add. 42-00, fax +7 (499) 261-38-18,
e-mail: nach@mktsagi.ru 

Khabibullin Rafael Geniatovich
tel. +7 (49621) 7-17-90, fax +7 (49621) 2-03-00,
e-mail: nach@mktsagi.ru