Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Tests of the hydrodynamic configuration optimization of the lines, perfection of the local [areal] hydrodynamics of the sea-based planes

 This work is traditional for TsAGI. It provides the calculation and experimental (tow basin, tow-powerboat, catapult, high-speed stand and other facilities and stands) research, forecast of the hydrodynamic, nautical and takeoff-and-landing characteristics, and development of the conceptual layout arrangement. The arrangements of almost all Russian amphibious aircrafts, ekranoplans or ground effect vehicles (GEV), float-type aircrafts were treated on the hydrodynamic stands. The most significant Department achievements in recent years are connected with the developing of the amphibious aircrafts A-40 Albatros, BE-103, BE-200, BE-101 of the Taganrog Center of Research and Technology named after G. M. Beriev (TANTK Beriev). For the water bomber BE-200 TsAGI developed the unique system of skimming, which replenishes the aircraft’s fire-fighting system at a 50-70 km/s gliding speed [aquaplaning]. 

The responsible specialists are:

Vladimir P. Sokolyansky
tel. +7 (495) 916-90-91 add. 42-00, fax +7 (499) 261-38-18,
e-mail: nach@mktsagi.ru

Yury M. Bannikov
tel. +7 (495) 916-90-91 add. 46-93, fax +7 (499) 261-38-18,
e-mail: hydro@mktsagi.ru

Leonid D. Kovrijnikh
tel. +7 (495) 916-90-91 add. 46-26, fax +7 (499) 261-38-18,
e-mail: hydro@mktsagi.ru