Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Tests of the configuration and outlines of high-speed planes with dynamic support principles

The main research is connected with towing-basin tests. In certain instances the additional tests are made using the high-speed stand (cavitations and aeration of the underwater wings and control elements, flow separation from the bilge rounded parts etc.), the tow-powerboat, in wind tunnels, and on self-propelled models. The best known research in recent years is connected with the implementation of the self-guided hydrodynamic interceptors developed by TsAGI specialists. The interceptors increase the travel speed, depress the resistance when running on water and reduce pitching by 1,5—2,0 times and rolling by 6-8 times. Results are implemented in a range of Russian high-speed powerboats: Mirage, Sobol, Garpun and others. 

The responsible specialists are:

Yury M. Bannikov
tel. +7 (495) 916-90-91 add. 46-93, fax +7 (499) 261-38-18,
e-mail: hydro@mktsagi.ru