Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Flight Dynamics

  • development of requirements for aircraft stability, controllability and control systems
  • experimental investigation of aircraft dynamics using flight simulators and with test pilots
  • development of new methods of partial full-scale flight simulation
  • development and creation of experimental facilities

Research Flight Simulators:
PC-based Simulators:
  • Full-scale simulators FULLSIM
  • Universal simulators with displayed indicators board MIDISIM
  • Mini-simulators with control levers imitators MINISIM
  • Outcabin situation

Mathematical Modeling:
  • Experiments in wind tunnels
  • Calculation methods
  • Flight tests
  • Adjusting mathematical aerodynamic model
  • Aircraft model

Typical Structure of Aircraft Mathematical Model:

  • Mass inertial characteristics
  • Engine model
  • Radio and navigational systems models
  • Motion equations
  • Aerodynamic characteristics database
  • Gear model
  • Control system model

CAD systems:
  • CAD system SEGAMBIS
  • CAD system DOMCRIS

CAD Dynamics/Matlabsimulink:

  • Aerodynamic Database
  • Nonstability and hysteresis data
  • Construction elasticity
  • Aircraft configuration
  • Influence of closeness to the ground
  • Emergency situations and combat damages

Simulating Dynamics of Aircraft Controlled Motion:

  • Mathematical
  • Simulation with pilot at controls