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TsAGI Takes Part in Scientific Conference on Arms Cutting-Edge Design Methods

25 June 2024

Автоматизированный стенд измерения массы, координат центра масс и моментов инерции_650-315.jpg
An automatic facility measuring weight, center of-mass coordinates, and inertia moments

Protecting national territorial integrity and sovereignty is an unquestionable priority. Today, Russia is creating cutting-edge special-purpose equipment capable of solving that task. Research events are the traditional platforms to exchange experience in the relevant developments. An example of such events is the Conference on Contemporary Weapon Ordnance Design and Test Methods, organized by All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics. This year, the Conference was held from June 4 to 6 in Sarov, Nizhegorod region.

Scientists from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part in the conference. Vagan Manvelyan (Head of Sector, Department for Measuring Equipment and Metrology, TsAGI) gave his report on automatic facilities measuring weight, center‑of-mass coordinates, and inertia moments (coauthors: V. Lyutov, S. Dytskov, Yu. Kartashev and V. Petronevich). In his words, these facilities are necessary for most accurate measuring results of large-scale and dynamically-similar aircraft models, aircraft parts, and full-scale aircraft.

‘Previous methods like physical pendulum or bifilar method required a lot of manual work and were not precise enough. The team of authors from TsAGI Department for Measuring Equipment and Metrology developed a new mass-inertia measuring method based on free damped oscillations; it was implemented in automatic facilities. These facilities increased the speed and user-friendliness of the measurements, significantly reducing measurement inaccuracy,’ said Vasily Petronevich, Head for Measuring Equipment and Metrology, TsAGI.

Sergey Inshakov (Head of Sector, Department for Measuring Equipment and Metrology, TsAGI) made his report, The features of vortex flow visualizations, revealing the core methods of visualizing ring and linear vortices. The report has big applied value in terms of better wind tunnel test informational capacity.

Vadim Talyzin, Head of Research Center at TsAGI, presented the paper, Methods of shaping physical phenomena test-case validation basis, coauthored by S. Bosnyakov and Ye. Streltsov. In the digital era, aircraft industry has great demand in the software simulating physical phenomena occurring in aircraft flight. Talyzin spoke on importance of validation tests of domestic software: ‘The increasing role of numerical simulation causes the need to create interdisciplinary validation cases based on high-quality test data. Domestically, TsAGI has the leading positions in the research done with its unique test facilities. So the knowledge and experience transformed into test cases should be used to develop and test different domestic CFD software.’

The papers by Vadim Talyzin and Sergey Inshakov were recognized best in their sessions and received conference honorary certificates. TsAGI and All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics also outlined the R&T cooperation scenarios in automation of experimental studies.

This year’s Conference on Contemporary Weapon Ordnance Design and Test Methods was held for the 13th time. It included Session on Weapon Ordnance Aerodynamics, Ballistics, Control and Guidance Systems; Session on Weapon Ordnance Applicability and Target Effect Performance; and Session on Weapon Ordnance Calculation and Test Methods and Tools, Production and Utilization. The Conference gathered over 100 scientists and specialists representing Russian Defense Ministry organizations, defense enterprises, universities, and research and regional centers of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences.

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