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Tupolev’s Young Specialists Visit TsAGI

29 February 2024

Young scientists cannot grow professionally without participating in business meetings, symposia and different conferences. Interaction between Russian research organizations allows for a revolutionarily new level of projects in aircraft manufacturing and related industries.

In February, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) held such a meeting—the R&T experience exchange workshop with Tupolev PJSC.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel? Will air taxis appear in the near future and will they be demanded? What are the prospects of more electric aircraft? What challenges will drone delivery pose? These and other issues were considered in the report, Development of Technologies Determining Advanced Transport Concepts, by Vitaly Gubsky, Head of Department at TsAGI Center for Aerohydrodynamics.

Oleg Vinogradov, Researcher at TsAGI and Chairman of TsAGI Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, spoke on different corporate public youth activities, including organization of ‘Future of TsAGI’ Competition, the ‘Wing of Science’ Concert, and the faculties at the ‘Engineers of the Future’ Forum, etc.

The workshop highlighted the VZLYOT (‘Takeoff’) Forum, which TsAGI organized last year for the first time. The Forum aims to involve new employees into corporate activities, and to establish contacts between specialists from different departments. Its mission is to become a platform for exchanging ideas and experience between the departments, providing information on TsAGI’s current research and practice. According to Oleg Vinogradov, it will allow for creating new research teams and generating interdisciplinary ideas.

‘Such seminars give a different view on our colleagues’ activities, find the common issues in our research for wider cooperation, and provide ideas and successful experience in implementing youth projects. Indeed, more such events will be held in the future, and our fruitful dialogue will continue,’ Oleg Vinogradov said.

Natalya Shapoval, Chair at the Council of Young Specialists at Tupolev PJSC, shared her experience in networking and creating a comfortable corporate environment. She spoke on Youth Star, the launched program for young employees’ development, which gives basic skills in business communication, stress management, public speech, and much more.

She also reported on the corporate information and museum center. It has a full-scale expo, a wide multimedia area, and a workspace for R&T creativity where young aircraft designers and young employees can learn the basics of aerodynamics and create their first models.

‘TsAGI and Tupolev have interacted for a long time, and our meetings continue the interaction logically. I hope such events will be held more often. Exchanging information and establishing partnership are really essential for young specialists,’ Natalya Shapoval said.

The delegates visited TsAGI’s key test facilities—the largest wind tunnel in Europe and static test laboratory which performs aircraft strength tests. The guests also visited TsAGI Demonstration Center.

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