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TsAGI Team Wins Chess Tournament Timed to Russian Science Day

26 February 2024

Opening, middlegame, check and checkmate... The mind sport of chess develops thinking, memory and attention, and increases the efficiency of solving tasks, including the research ones. TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) scientists and their families took part in chess tournament organized by MAI’s Strela branch. Timed to coincide with Russian Science Day and the 300th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the tournament was held in February at the Center for Science, Technology and Information.

The tournament was opened by Mikhail Zichenkov, Deputy General Director and Head for Aircraft Strength at TsAGI: ‘The Center is a perfect place to hold the tournament as it unites scientific, cultural and intellectual traditions of TsAGI. Chess play helps us developing logic thinking and solve tactical and strategic tasks—just like in our daily routine. Not only victories but defeats can give valuable experience that would be useful in researching.’

Welcoming remarks were also said by Georgy Kudryavtsev, Chairman at the Primary Trade Union at TsAGI, and by Alexey Chebotaryov, Head of Strela. According to them, further tournaments should continue the new format of win-win cooperation between universities, research organizations and enterprises.

The tournament had four teams representing TsAGI, NIK Company, Strela, and Kazakov Aviation Technical School. The teams played five 10-minute games in each of the three rounds.

TsAGI team included Department Head Anatoly Bolsunovsky, who has been playing chess since 1973; Researcher Viktor Malyutin; Junior Researchers; Candidate Masters Tatyana Kuzmina and Vasily Orekhovsky; and Kirill Zhelonkin, son of the Institute’s employee and Zhukovsky city chess champion.

‘I have been playing chess since six years old as my parents enrolled me on chess classes at school. This may have helped me to develop technical thinking, enter MIPT Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering, and complete my studies. I have worked at TsAGI for more than five years; I am studying composite mechanics and writing a thesis on structural calculations with boundary integral equations. In my research, I am helped by such skills and qualities as logic, strategic planning, and the proneness to analysis—that is, everything that chess develops,’ says MIPT Postgraduate Tatyana Kuzmina, Junior Researcher at TsAGI R&T Center.

The tournament ended with a landslide victory by TsAGI team. The second place went to Strela team, and the third one was shared by players from Kazakov Aviation Technical School and NIK Company.

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