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TsAGI Director General Kirill Sypalo Addresses on Russian Science Day

8 February 2024

Dear friends and colleagues,

Today marks an important occasion as the country celebrates Russian Science Day. Russian President Vladimir Putin accurately defined the role of scientists, stating that new technologies are typically rooted in fundamental research. Scientific achievements play a crucial role in driving the progress of the country and its strategic industries, particularly during the Decade of Science and Technology declared in Russia.

Development of new knowledge, search for a breakthrough solution, and creation of a promising development is impossible without scientists. Mikhail Lomonosov, Nikolai Lobachevsky, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Dmitry Mendeleev and many, many other researchers in their day determined not only progress in their chosen field of research, but also the very history of Russia itself. So did Nikolai Zhukovsky, who founded TsAGI despite the rough times of the national transformation. Setting ambitious goals, scientists brought many technologies to a new level and upgraded related industries, too.

Belonging to the new generation, today’s scientists still remain the successors of the heroes of Russian science. In our age of high velocities and artificial intelligence, they create projects that one could only dream of or read in science fiction. Notably, innovations and inventions result from careful calculations, thoughtful experiments and precise measurements... This is the work of TsAGI and other organizations which shape today the basis of domestic science.

I should also mention the key national fundamental research center celebrating its 300th anniversary— the Russian Academy of Sciences a core partner of the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute” and its members, including TsAGI. The joint research program is a significant contribution to the development of domestic aviation industry, which especially needs breakthrough technologies today. Indeed, talented scientists, including the young ones, will contribute to Russian air transport development, proving once again the high status of domestic science.

Dear Colleagues! I am thrilled to wish you all the success in achieving your ultimate goal of turning outstanding ideas into real projects. My wishes for success and prosperity!

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