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TsAGI Takes Part in 48th Academic Conference on Astronautics

6 February 2024

Aerospace industry is a strategic area in science and production whose development indicates national development in research and technology. It is essential for researchers to sum up best practices in industry and academia, to strengthen partnership and to determine further areas for the development of the Russian aerospace complex. A major platform gathering industrial specialists is the Academic Conference on Astronautics, which was held from January 23 to 26 in Moscow. TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part in it.

The event featured two presentations by TsAGI specialists covering fundamental problems in the field of aerogasodynamics of high-speed flows. Stagnation flow in a sectioned model channel was highlighted in the report by Sergey Malashevsky, young specialist at TsAGI Aerohydrodynamic R&D Center, coauthored by N. Guryleva, M. Ivankin, D. Lapinsky, P. Meshennikov, and A. Tereshin, TsAGI. Features of transonic flow around finite-sized cone were reported by Aleksandr Kravtsov, Head of Sector, Aerohydrodynamic R&D Center, TsAGI. Both reports were presented at the Session for Space Science Development and Fundamental Problems of Gas Dynamics, Combustion and Heat Transfer.

Along with the reports on its R&D activities, TsAGI presented papers on socially-oriented corporate topics during the Conference.

The Session for Space Science and Culture had a report by Ekaterina Grunina, Head for Corporate Culture at TsAGI, titled ‘Documentary and aesthetics in corporate museum activities on the examples of the practices of TsAGI Demonstration Center.’ She analyzed the Demonstration Center’s experience in organizing and performing scientifically informative, educational and popularization events aimed at active involvement of all participants interacting with the Center—the visitors, the curators, the expo authors, and TsAGI employees. Such approach greatly increased the involvement of both corporate and external visitors of the Center.

For instance, planning exhibitions, trip programs, lectures, and other leisure-and-informative events used the concept of multisensory museum, implying that the visitors are exposed not only to documentary information but also to sensory, aesthetic and even social experience.

‘Indeed, the Demonstration Center should not only show retrospective development of its key competencies, aviation science and technologies in general, but also give a foresight of likely further core development areas for the industry. That is why it is vital to involve the scientists and engineers from TsAGI into saving professional memory,’ said Ekaterina Grunina.

The Academic Conference on Astronautics commemorates Academician Sergey Korolyov and other outstanding domestic scientists who pioneered space exploration. It has been held since 1977; this year, it had 22 sessions. The Conference discussed fundamental problems and humanitarian aspects of astronautics, historical research into space science and technology, the scientific heritage of first space explorers, etc. Along with TsAGI, the Conference gathered representatives from 70 enterprises, research institutes and universities, including RSC Energia, Lavochkin Association, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Bauman MSTU, MAI, MIPT, etc.

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