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TsAGI participates in the XXI Winter School on Continuum Mechanics

12 March 2019

Continuum mechanics deals with the basics equations of motion that governs the mechanics of both solid and fluid objects in nature. This science is extremely important in aerospace engineering. The performance methods of the aircraft aero-and hydrodynamics, strength and other characteristics as well as the airflow parameters are developed on its basis. So the continuum mechanics development is inextricably linked with the progress in aeronautical science in general.

These challenges are at the focus of the annual Winter School on Continuum Mechanics. Sergey Chernyshev, Chief Scientific Officer of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) and Academician of the Russian Academy of Science participated in the work of the XXI Winter School. It took place in the end of February at the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS in Perm (IMSS URB RAS.)

Sergey Chernyshev delivered a report “Contemporary issues of continuum mechanics in aerospace” on the first day of the event during the plenary session. The report’s key objective was the trend analysis of the aviation science’s development in aerodynamics and aircraft conceptual design, strength, mathematic simulation and the validation of numerical methods. On the basis of the review there were set out some priorities in fluid mechanics and in particular in flow control and solid mechanics. There were focused the directions for the near future work. The report also covered some tasks examples, solved by the methods, available at the Institute.

TsAGI’s Chief Scientific Officer’s speech aroused great interest from the leadership and young scientists of the URB RAS, as well as representatives from research enterprises of Russia and the European community — Germany, France, Italy. “TsAGI’s participation in the Conference promotes scientific contacts for the Institute both in our country and abroad,” noted Sergey Chernyshev.

Winter School on Continuum Mechanics is an annual event, organized by the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (“ICMM UB RAS”) , The Russian National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on mechanics of deformable solids. This year, participants from Russia and Europe have submitted a total of more than 350 plenary, breakout and poster sessions on seven themes from computational continuum mechanics to physics and mechanics of meso- and nano-structured systems and hydrodynamics.

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