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TsAGI scientists develop a set of measures to improve the efficiency of an experiment

4 March 2019

Test model in a wind tunnel

One of the priorities of the modern theoretical and experimental aerodynamics is wind-tunnel tests upgrading. It will increase the experimental accuracy, its informational value and simultaneously reduce costs.

Scientists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) provided the manner to optimize the control system by the airspeed (Mach number) and developed an application technology of continuous experiment technique in large industrial wind tunnels. It will reduce in two or more times the model test duration at cruising modes.

The main idea of the new technology is the Mach number stabilization at angle-of-attack rotation and the measuring systems’ dynamic behavior considering. To achieve this, the Institute’s scientists developed a numerical scheme of dynamic processes in transonic wind tunnels.

TsAGI specialists created the unified software package “Potok” to improve the efficiency of an experiment in wind tunnels. The system works with the new-generation information-measuring, control and experimental systems. The main advantage of the “Potok” is its ability to work in a network structure of computing facilities in real time. The software package solves a wide range of tasks: provides a synchronized work of measurement and control subsystems of various types, as well as provides testing in automatic mode, full data processing and automatic data input into a database. The “Potok” system can serve as the base platform for automation systems of experimental research in the aerospace industry. The unified software package is embedded and successfully used in large industrial wind tunnels in TsAGI, SibNIA, GosMKB “Raduga”.

TsAGI scientist, under the leadership of Vasily Petronevich, Head of Measuring Equipment and Metrology Department are on the point of developing a system to operate simultaneously a large number of parameters- Reynolds number, Mach number etc. The Institute has been addressed to for such an objective for the first time.

“The immediate experimental data acquisition is essential to ensure competitiveness of the new aircraft, to enhance the tactical and technical characteristics of supermanoeuverable airplanes,” explains Vasily Petronevich. “Summarizing our research and studies of aerodynamicists, which had been held for the past five years, we concluded that the proposed set of measures to improve the efficiency of an experiment can be embedded in wind tunnels in our Institute, as well as at other enterprises”.

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