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TsAGI hosts the International Supersonic Tunnel Association meeting

25 May 2018

The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) hosted the 129th semi-annual international Supersonic Tunnel Association (STAI). More than 30 representatives of 16 organizations, STAI members from 13 countries were TsAGI’s guests.

Association meetings give participants an opportunity to exchange experience with colleagues, tell about achievements, and discuss problems and their solution. This year, the participants discussed wind tunnel modernization and maintenance, improvement of their individual systems, antiicing, equipment calibration, and characteristics air flow around the models. TsAGI representatives spoke of the Institute’s installations to study nozzle models, the reconstruction of the variable-geometry nozzle of one of TsAGI’s subsonic wind tunnels, and the performance of experiment peculiarities. During the meeting, official representatives of the Institute in the Association and head of the laboratory of TsAGI’s Department of aerodynamics and aircraft missiles Alexander Ivanov was chosen as a member of the STAI Executive Committee for 2019.

“STAI representatives have visited the Institute twice, but this visit has a special value for us,” explained TsAGI Director General and Academician of RAS Sergey Chernyshev. “Applying for the meeting organization in 2018 we purposed to include the meeting in the general list of scientific and business events dedicated to TsAGI’s centenary. We are Associationb members together with leading aerospace companies and research centers, and I am pleased to note that our research complies with world standards and consistently evokes keen interest among our colleagues.”

The participants visited TsAGI during the meeting, saw the Institute’s experimental facility, including static test halls, as well as trans-, super-, hyper-sonic tunnels, and Europe’s largest subsonic wind tunnel.

The International Supersonic Tunnel Association is an informal non-profit organization formed in 1954. STAI member can be any organization with at least one high speed installation for conducting aerodynamic research. The Association currently includes more than 30 organizations from the United States, Europe, Canada, China, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Japan and several other countries. STAI holds regular semi-annual meetings, owners of which alternately become participating organizations. TSAGI joined the Association in 1994.

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