Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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For Journalists

Dear colleagues,

We are dedicated to be a qualitative and authoritative source of information for journalists, scientists and all those who are interested in receiving reliable information about the research and technology activity of our Institute.

By dealing with us:

  • You will promptly receive reliable information about the most important events of our Institute, comments of TsAGI officials and experts, and other information about TsAGI research; and
  • You may schedule an interview and photo- or video-shoot of TsAGI facilities.

Contact persons

Ekaterina Izotova — acting head of Press Service;
Tatiana Arbuzova — specialist on public relations;
Tatiana Moskvina — specialist on public relations;


Tel. +7 (495) 556-40-38,+7 (495) 556-40-32
Fax +7 (495) 777-63-32
e-mail: press@tsagi.ru


Your request should be made on an official form and sent by fax to +7 (495) 777-63-32
or by e-mail to press@tsagi.ru, info@tsagi.ru

Your enquiry should contain:

  1. The subject of your request;
  2. A list of questions;
  3. Statement as to how the requested information will be used and when; and
  4. Contact details of your editor’s office and the reporter.

We will reply to your request within 1-5 days.

Applying for an interview and/or photo- or video- shoot of TsAGI facilities:

  1. The application should be made on official letterhead of the requesting entity with the stamp and signature of its director or senior editor and should be addressed to the Executive Director of TsAGI Sergei Chernishev.
  2. The application should contain the subject, appropriate time, duration and venue of the interview, photo- or video-shoot, list of names of the film crew with their passport data, list of equipment, identification number of the vehicle, and contact details.
  3. The application should be sent by fax to +7 (495) 777-63-32 no later than three working days before the date of interview or photo- or video-shoot.
  4. You may be notified of our decision by tel +7 (495) 556-40-38, 556-40-32.

TsAGI management will confirm the interview, photo- or video-shoot on Institute property and reserves the right to reject the application without explanation.

Information Usage

Reprinting any materials from this website is permitted only with attribution to the hyperlink www.tsagi.ru