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Towards Future Engine Manufacturing: UEC Delegates Visit TsAGI

1 April 2024

Interaction between industrial science and industry is an essential prerequisite to developing key aircraft technologies and achieving economical sovereignty. To that end, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) had a March visit by United Engine Corporation delegates represented by Research Institute of Technology and Organization of Engine Production, Salyut PK, MMP V. V. Chernyshev, and Salyut VMZ.

The meeting considered experience exchange and cooperation under joint R&D.

The meeting had a roundtable on interaction between the organizations in creating advanced powerplants. The UEC delegates spoke on the activities on AI-222 bypass turbojet engine family for the Yak-130, and a number of advanced power units. Dmitry Liverko, Researcher for Aerohydrodynamics at TsAGI, reported on the Institute’s capabilities in calculating and testing powerplant units, such as engine nacelles, nozzles, air intakes, etc. The roundtable also discussed the issue of providing acceptable parameters of flow before the engine, aimed at stably operating propulsion within the entire operational flight envelope.

‘In particular, the delegates were interested in our TsAGI Electronic Wind Tunnel (EWT) software product. It allows simulating aircraft streamline both in free flight and in a wind tunnel. TsAGI has successfully used the EWT, for instance, to calculate aerodynamics of aircraft with a laminar engine nacelle, to develop numerically the methods of modifying external molds of engine pylon for the import-substituted version of short-haul aircraft, etc.’, Dmitry Liverko said.

Oleg Vinogradov, Researcher at TsAGI and Chairman of TsAGI Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, spoke on TsAGI’s youth activities. For instance, the Council assists the new employees in their professional and career growth, creates comfortable production and social environment, helps solving different problems, and holds ‘Future of TsAGI’ Competition and the ‘Science and Creativity’ Fest, etc.

Georgy Kudryavtsev, Chairman at TsAGI Primary Trade Union and Head of HR Youth Policy Sector at TsAGI, spoke on the activities of the youth commissions of the Trade Union Committee, which is celebrating this year its 90-year anniversary since its establishment. He highlighted new ways of interaction with young employees, such as trips to the homeland of Zhukovsky, Myasishchev and others, aimed at patriotic education, studying the history of the Institute and aviation science, and at social support regulated by TsAGI’s Collective Agreement, which sets the social benefits and guarantees, and has a special section, Working with Youth.

The delegates also visited the Institute’s test facilities—the subsonic wind tunnel and the flight simulators—and visited the Demonstration Center. The next meeting of TsAGI-UEC young specialists will be hosted by UEC enterprises.

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