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TsAGI Tests Short-Haul Aircraft Electric Engine Intake

19 March 2024

National technological sovereignty is comprised by each region’s prosperity. In turn, transport accessibility is an integral part of the economic development of individual territories, which regional aviation aims to provide.

Scientists from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) are involved in creating an advanced regional electric aircraft under the Integral-RS R&D, ordered by the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”, in close cooperation with CIAM and SibNIA.

This aircraft is to replace the Yak-40 and An-24. Expectedly, it will use short and poor runways which are typical of remote regions. Increased load-bearing capacity of the aircraft’s wing was provided by an electric impeller distributed propulsion. TsAGI developed some of its parts, including the intake.

Analysis of airframe/propulsion integration efficiency included the study of air intake cruise performance. Installed into test wing section manufactured by TsAGI Research-and-Manufacturing Center, the intake was subject to wind tunnel ramjet tests.

Cruise operation of the air intake was simulated within the velocity range from 136 to 204 m/s. The scientists measured air flow gas-dynamics at the engine intake and analyzed total pressure curve in front of the intake. Gas motion trajectory on model surface was visualized with particle image surface flow visualization, a ‘thick oil’ method developed by TsAGI.

Eventually, the scientists obtained engine intake flow performance during flow rate simulation, such as total pressure recovery coefficient and the dependence between air intake parameters and angle of attack, sideslip angle, velocity, etc. The data will be used to prepare for flight tests of test wing section with LL-40, the Yak‑40-based flying laboratory.

‘We are developing energy flow control technology with close cooperation with the NRC Institutes. It bases on impeller propulsion and allows boosting wing lift force of a short-haul aircraft. This allows for much shorter takeoff and mileage distance, which is essential for Russia’s remote areas with short runways,’ said Evgeniy Pigusov, Deputy Head, Center for Complex Technology Integration, TsAGI.

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