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TsAGI Tests Ram Air Turbine for MC 21

13 March 2024

Flight safety is a key issue in creating new aircraft aimed to provide Russia’s territorial coherence. So Russian developers make every effort to equip aircraft with reliable domestic aircraft units and systems.

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) has completed tests of ram air turbine for MC‑21 medium-haul narrow-body aircraft, developed by JSC ‘Experimental Design Bureau "Crystal‘’ under MC‑21 avionics import substitution program.

The ram air turbine has an extension/retraction drive, a three-phase alternator, a hydraulic pump and a two-blade variable-pitch turbine rotor; it aims at emergency supply of the airliner with electricity and hydraulic power.

For these studies, the JSC ‘Experimental Design Bureau "Crystal"’ designed the necessary testing equipment and tools installed in wind tunnel test section.

The tests aimed to confirm the ram air turbine’s operability within the entire aircraft velocity and flight altitude operational range. Time and safety of its retraction were studied; so was the capability for producing maximum electric and hydraulic power at all operational velocities, including minimum flight velocities.

To simulate the altitudes, pumping and vacuuming capabilities were used for wind tunnel circuit—so it simulated flight altitude from 0 to 12 km.

The tests confirmed structural and technological solutions laid at the designing and manufacturing of the ram air turbine, as well as the implementation of the design parameters. Furthermore, the practical experience gained by testing will be considered for developing similar Russian civil aircraft technologies.

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