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Scientific Achievements for Industrial Progress: TsAGI Holds Annual Conference on Aerodynamics

12 March 2024

How is aircraft conceptually designed? What is the basis for its design? How do flow physics laws affect aircraft flight behavior? These and other questions are answered by aerodynamics—a fundamental research area for TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”). Milestone results and achievements in the area were presented at the 34th Research and Technology Conference on Aerodynamics, which was organized by TsAGI. Timed to coincide with 110th birthday anniversary of USSR Academician Vladimir Struminsky, the Conference was held in Moscow Region from February 29 to March 1.

Sergey Chernyshev (Chief Scientific Officer at TsAGI, Vice‑President and Academician of the RAS, Co-Chairman of Conference Program Committee) took part in the plenary session, reporting on Struminsky’s contribution to the development of theoretical and applied mechanics. Swept wings was a key development by Struminsky, who worked at TsAGI from 1941 to 1966; swept wings would be widely used in different types of aircraft.

Head of Department and D. Sc. Andrey Wolkov spoke on the key aerodynamics tasks that TsAGI is focusing on. ‘We aim to create breakthrough technologies for domestic aviation in the response to modern challenges. This aim can be partially achieved by comprehensive research-and-technology projects allowing for new aircraft configurations, such as advanced long-haul aircraft. We are also actively involved in developing small aviation—the MANGo-TsAGI research project deals with it, and its results were shown at the Conference,’ he said. For TsAGI’s activities, fundamental research plays a substantial role, enabling the basis for new calculations and tests, said Andrey Wolkov.

About 80 reports were presented at the session part. Specialists from TsAGI explained how hybrid power plant can be used to improve regional aircraft aerodynamics, and shared their experience in wind tunnel test methods of straight wings and swept infinite-aspect-ratio wings. There was also a presentation of final measuring and assessment of aircraft sonic boom under a large-scale study done jointly with Gromov Flight Research Institute. The Conference showed the development of fundamental science—an example is the report by KIAM scientists under the WCRC ‘Supersonic’ consortium, which TsAGI coordinates. This paper considered results of simulating aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of prototyped supersonic transport wing at landing.

Traditionally, the conference was a platform to discuss cooperation between academia and enterprises involved in aircraft industry. For instance, Yakovlev PJSC’s Regional Aircraft Branch spoke on core achievements in aerodynamics research for the last year, performed jointly with TsAGI.

The Conference was also represented by MIPT, MAI, IPMech RAS, KIAM RAS, Mil&Kamov, etc. The reports considered many areas, such as aircraft aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, calculations and tests, design of test models, etc.

The Research-and-Technology Conference on Aerodynamics is an annual industrial event involving hundreds of Russian specialists. It unites scientists and engineers working in aerodynamics, and gives an opportunity for open discussion of results, determination of areas and future development paths.

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