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TsAGI Presents Cutting-Edge Developments at World Youth Festival

11 March 2024

‘The Future is Here!’ This is the motto of INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY HUB Tech Space, organized under OT VINTA International Technology Fest, where TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part. TsAGI presented young scientists’ developments, held an online educational wind tunnel test, and a number of workshops. These events were held within the World Youth Festival early March at Sirius Federal Territory.

The achievements were presented by TsAGITech, the innovative platform aimed at creating breakthrough solutions, supporting startups and shaping technology leaders, including the young ones. This is clearly proved by TsAGI young scientists and engineers’ developments that were supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.

The expo presented METEOSONIC Neural Mobile Weather Station which measures actual atmospheric parameters and gives short-term forecasts of local weather conditions. Another showpiece was the project in industrial aerodynamics, an important area of TsAGI’s excellence—a special deflector for better draft in ventilation and chimneys. Its design makes an efficient use of wind energy; the absence of moving units makes it icing-resistant. The expo also showed computer appliance for ship naval performance—NERPA navigation controller and a prototype of HORIZON multicopter test facility aimed to improve field tests.

Involving youth into technology is an aim of this global event; to that end, TsAGITech held an educational e-laboratory wind tunnel test. This unique e‑learning method allowed getting practical skills in online experiments. The theory included an introductory lecture which gave on overview on the system of a wind tunnel and the process of research experiment. The attendees could choose after discussion the best configuration: the classic one, the canard (with horizontal tail placed before wing), or triplane; and check their suggestions after the test.

The educational program continued with workshops organized by TsAGIStart, TsAGITech’s innovative technological center. For instance, there was an aeromodelling course where the attendees designed and launched simple free-flight models, knew the peculiarities of their adjustment, and got basic knowledge in aircraft engineering and flight aerodynamics. Another workshop used a simulator to provide the principles and operating of small UAVs.

‘Today, the support for young technology startups and developments is a prerequisite for growing innovative environment where TsAGI and TsAGITech are actively involved. The World Youth Festival allowed us to present the developments and competencies that show high capabilities of new-generation scientists and engineers,’ said Dmitry Chernyshev, Head at TsAGITech.

INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY HUB Tech Space is organized by Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the support of regional administrations. It is based on the OT VINTA! International Technology Fest, the All-Russian action and global communication platform with unique capabilities for interaction between industry, universities, development institutes and technically-oriented youth.

World Youth Festival was held under the Russian Presidential Decree; it gathered 20 thousand participants. The Festival aims to shape international proactive youth community.

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