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TsAGI Takes Part in Conference on Hydrodynamic Stability Theory, Turbulence

5 March 2024

Fundamental science has always been important: the search for new theoretical knowledge underlies important discoveries and advanced technologies. This research area is stimulated by cooperation between top Russian specialists, including that within large industrial events.

In particular, 25th International Conference on Nonlinear Problems of Hydrodynamic Stability Theory and Turbulence, timed to the forthcoming 2025 Lomonosov MSU 270th anniversary. TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part in the conference. Furthermore, the conference is co-chaired from this year by D. Sc. Aleksandr Gaifullin, Chief Researcher at TsAGI and Corresponding Member of the RAS.

D. Sc. Viktor Kopyev, Head for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology at TsAGI, presented his paper, On competition between acoustic instability and Miles damping in vortex flow dynamics, coauthored by S.A. Chernyshev and A. Barbasov. The paper gave an understanding of role of Miles localized vortex oscillation damping in weakly-compressible flows, and an analysis of eliminating the effect through increased sound-generation energy loss. ‘These effects may be directly related to the turbulization of complex flows, and their understanding will allow for solving the problem of aerodynamic noise generation,’ said Viktor Kopyev.

Cand. Sc. Ivan Amelyushkin, Head of Department at TsAGI, presented his report on test facilities and mathematical models of aerosol-flow streamlined body control, co-authored by E. Krivopalova, S. Kinsa, M. Kudrov, and O. Pavlenko. TsAGI also considered such topics as near-wall forces emerging with flat plate streamlined by supersonic viscous gas flow (report by R. Tugazakov), and calibration and tests of differential model for Reynolds stresses based on contemporary DNS data of duct turbulent flow (by L. Usov and A. Troshin).

The Conference also had a traditional announcement of USSR Academician Georgy Petrov Competition, the prize by Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and awarding of its laureates. Apart from that, the Conference had some seminars, lectures, discussions, and young scientists’ contest. The Conference was represented by MSU, RAS Institutes, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, MIPT, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, etc.

The International Conference on Nonlinear Problems of Hydrodynamic Stability Theory and Turbulence has been organized for over 40 years by Laboratory of General Aerodynamics, Institute of Mechanics, MSU. The first conference was organized in 1976 in Kolyubakino, Moscow Region, on the initiative of Academician Georgy Petrov. In the very first years, the Conference became the largest national forum on instability of mechanical systems, emergence of chaos, and hydrodynamic turbulence.

This year’s Conference was held from February 19 to 23 in Zvenigorod, Moscow Region. Its aimed to discuss new results of theoretical and experimental studies into hydrodynamic stability and turbulence, traditionally applied to fluid dynamics, geophysical hydrodynamics, space hydrodynamics, atmospheric physics, ocean physics, environmental aerodynamics, ecology aerodynamics, microhydrodynamis and nanohydrodynamics.

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