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TsAGITech Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

26 December 2023

‘The future starts here’—this is the motto of TsAGITech (TsAGI is a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), the innovative platform celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. December 15 saw an anniversary meeting which discussed the results and further plans; it gathered TsAGI Administration, Zhukovsky Municipal Administration, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, and TsAGITech Residents.

In his welcoming speech, D. Sc. Aleksandr Medvedsky, First Deputy General Director at TsAGI, said: ‘It is TsAGITech that contributed largely to the environment favorable for the acceleration of high-tech projects. This rapidly developing department has already brought visible research results and has contributed to innovative industrial development.’

‘We dreamt of a platform that would create cutting-edge scientific projects in Zhukovsky, the town which is well-known for its talents. I think that TsAGITech Residents are the leaders here. Having grown from our high-tech environment, they are now implementing their advanced ideas bringing them to real life,’ said Sergey Chernyshev, Vice-President and Academician of the RAS, Chief Scientific Officer at TsAGI.

Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies at TsAGI, spoke on core results and further development plans for TsAGITech, which he heads. ‘It is a real ecosystem: the residents and laboratories live in close symbiosis. It creates very productive communication creating drivers of further progress,’ he said. According to Dmitry Chernyshev, active cooperation is being developed with other Russian high-tech parks that strive to implement TsAGITech’s practices at their own.

Zhukovsky Mayor Boris Aubakirov spoke on support provided by Moscow Regional Government. ‘In the recent years, TsAGITech leaped forward in its development, becoming the first high-tech park in Moscow Region. Today, it is a modern platform with high research-and-technology capacities; both residents and Moscow regional representatives show interest towards it.’

Currently, TsAGITech is hosting 39 innovative companies and startups as well as six research laboratories, belonging to TsAGI and MIPT. Most remarkably, Yakovlev Company has become a new super-anchor resident at TsAGITech—which has established a research-and-production MRO laboratory for contemporary aircraft and aircraft units. Today, TsAGITech has over 160 high-tech jobs. According to last year’s results, the volume of attracted investments was about 240 milion rubles with the number of implemented research and innovation projects equal to 35.

The concept of creating TsAGITech was presented to Moscow Regional Government in 2017. It was approved and got subsidy for implementation. Opened in 2018, TsAGITech gave start to Moscow Regional support program for high-tech parks.

Follow the link for more details on TsAGITech: http://tsagi.ru/pressroom/expert/6301/

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