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TsAGI Keeps Testing Import-Substituted SJ-100 with Russian Engines

13 December 2023

Creating import-substituted SJ-100 passenger aircraft is a major challenge for Russian science and industry. To that end, prodigious amount of work is being carried out.

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) is doing integrated aerodynamic and strength tests of the aircraft for Yakovlev PJSC. An area of the research is SJ‑100 model tests with domestic PD‑8 engines.

So far, TsAGI has completed another stage of large subsonic wind tunnel tests of SJ-100 import-substituted model engined by domestic PD‑8.

The tests were carried out with a shield simulating runway, within the velocities ranging from 10 to 80 m/s. Reversing device operation was simulated at different high-lift configurations. Apart from that, aircraft rollout was simulated—it was necessary to determine the impact of the reversing device on the aircraft’s aerodynamic performance.

For this test stage, TsAGI used particle image velocimetry as flow research method increasing the informative value and providing more data, which will validate numerical methods.

The tests also used high-frequency sensors which measured static pressure along the surface of the horizontal tail—this will also increase the informative value. The obtained performance could be used to assess horizontal-tail loads at aircraft rollout. TsAGI will use these methods to validate numerical modeling results as well.

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