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TsAGI at Zhukovsky International Academic Workshop

11 December 2023

A prerequisite for national sovereignty in technology is to determine best ways of industrial development, including aerospace industry.

To that end, Zhukovsky 3rd International Academic Workshop was held in Voronezh at Zhukovsky—Gagarin Air Force Academy from November 22 to 24. TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part in the Workshop.

A highlight at the Workshop was the 11th Russian National Conference, Aircraft and Propulsion Development Prospects: Theory, Design and Operation. During that conference, a plenary report was made by Ruslan Mirgazov, Head for Integrated Rotorcraft R&D at TsAGI, TsAGI’s Design and Development Technologies for Advanced Rotorcraft (coauthored by K. Sypalo, V. Granich and B. Kritsky, TsAGI; and N. Pavlenko, Mil&Kamov). The report outlined core design and development technologies for advanced rotorcraft, and some suggestions on improving current rotorcraft, both civil and military.

Mikhail Zhelonkin, Head of Sector for Aircraft Dynamics and Control at TsAGI, made his report at a forum session. Coauthored by V. Kovtun, the report considered the development of smart pilot support at difficult flight modes.

Creating AI-based crew support systems is essential to minimize human factors during such difficult flight situations as unfavorable weather, difficult terrain for takeoff and landing, intensive air traffic, etc. ‘The system we are developing aims at improving pilots’ situational awareness, promptly informing in case of control failure, quickly analyzing large amount of information, and at scenario prediction. All this will substantially increase flight safety,’ Mikhail Zhelonkin said.

The Workshop had a seminar on flight dynamics, control systems and human-machine interface, traditionally organized by TsAGI, Zhukovsky—Gagarin Air Force Academy, and MAI. Aleksandr Voronin, Researcher for Aircraft Dynamics and Control at TsAGI, made his report on implementing fly-by-wire systems on domestic rotorcraft (coauthored by V. Kuvshinov). TsAGI developed an approach to synthesize the systems’ algorithms; it greatly increases stability and controllability. It is planned to use the results for advanced rotorcraft design.

Another report presented by TsAGI dealt with aerodynamic asymmetry impact on critical flight modes of subsonic aircraft (authors: M. Sidoryuk, A. Khrabrov). This factor also determines aircraft behavior at spin. Using special methods, TsAGI studied a few cases of aerodynamic asymmetry on spin parameters and aircraft susceptibility to spin. The results will be considered at developing recommendations for pilots on spin recovery.

Zhukovsky International Academic Workshop is held annually at Zhukovsky—Gagarin Air Force Academy. A milestone scientific event related to military aviation, it traditionally discusses state-of-the-art and development prospects of aircraft technologies, equipment and arms; military specialists’ training, etc. This year, the Workshop was represented by Mil&Kamov, Yakovlev, UWCA, Ramenskoye Instrument-Making Design Bureau, GosNIIAS, CIAM, Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, MNITI, UAC, Ilyushin, etc.

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