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Opening New Science Prospects: Highlights from International Aeronautics Congress

8 December 2023

Achieving technological sovereignty is a global national challenge for such strategic industries as aircraft engineering. To meet the unprecedented contemporary challenges, there is a need to unite efforts at all levels of aerospace community. The International Aeronautics Congress became a platform for fruitful discussion between science, industry and education.

The Congress was organized by TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) with the NRC’s support, and took place on December 4 and 5 in Moscow.

The two-day International Symposium on Global Challenges of 21-Century Aerospace Science was a highlight of the Congress. Its 11 sessions considered advanced aircraft aerodynamic configurations, contemporary airframe/propulsion integration tasks, noise reduction, advanced civil aircraft structures and materials, human/machine interface, aircraft/pilot interaction, RPAS air navigation systems, import substitution of aircraft engineering software, integrated control systems, etc. Reports were made on different aspects of creating and implementing domestic software and digital technologies in aircraft and rocketry engineering. Apart from TsAGI, the reports were presented by the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”, CIAM, KTRV, different RAS institutes, Saint Petersburg State University, GosNIIAS, Yakovlev, Mil&Kamov, etc.

The Russian Helicopter Forum discussed relevant challenges in rotorcraft engineering, such as future rotorcraft development trends, comparison of flight performance of unconventional civil aircraft designs, innovative trends in creating technological advance and developing advanced rotorcraft families. Scientists and specialists from research organizations spoke on development prospects for Russian Helicopter Society and Russian Helicopter Forum. It was represented by TsAGI, Mil&Kamov, GosNII GA, MAI, Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev — KAI, etc.

The Congress also had the 13th Research Conference on Amphibious and No-Runway Aircraft; this year, it was timed to commemorate the outstanding hydrodynamicist Vladimir Sokolyansky. The Conference focused on aircraft ditching, seaplanes, fire fighting, different STOL aircraft concepts, Russia’s state-of-the-art flarecraft engineering, etc. Apart from TsAGI, reports were made by NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”, SibNIA, Krylov State Research Center, Beriev Aircraft Company, etc.

The Conference on Fundamental Knowledge for New-Generation Aerospace Technologies embraced many issues, such as fundamental tasks of flow control for creation of advanced aircraft, aircraft system control, research into light and strong structures and materials, and usage of alternative fuels in aviation. Research papers were presented by TsAGI, the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”, Samara University, SibNIA, different RAS institutes, UWCA, etc.

‘The International Aeronautics Congress embraced different meetings, conferences and symposiums which fully reflected TsAGI’s multiple competencies. The rich agenda and respected participants make the Congress a milestone domestic event in aerospace and rocketry industry,’ said Kirill Sypalo, Director General at TsAGI, Corresponding Member of the RAS.

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