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2023 Future-of-TsAGI Competition Winners Chosen

6 December 2023

How to help young scientists get in the spotlight? How to stimulate their research and innovative activities? How to create an innovation and launch it into production? These and other questions were answered at 2023 Future of TsAGI, the 5th R&T Competition, traditionally organized by TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”).

Aimed at TsAGI employees under 35, the Competition has two nominations: Best Innovative Project and Best Research. This year, the Competition was timed to coincide with the 105th anniversary of TsAGI.

With that Competition, the young employees can show their achievements and get an assessment and recommendation by qualified jury consisting of TsAGI’s top scientists. Apart from assisting the participants in their further research area and in preparation of future thesis, it will become a starting point for competing domestically and internationally.

The jury considered 12 projects at the first distant stage; 11 projects were approved. The second stage included a face-to-face defense of the projects. The nominees for best innovative project competed at TsAGITech. The first place went to Anton Yepikhin, Engineer for Measuring Equipment and Metrology, TsAGI, who developed a constant-voltage hot-wire anemometer for measuring fluid flow oscillation parameters.

The second place went to Mikhail Levchenkov, Engineer for Aircraft Strength Research, for his paper, Aircraft compartment design and optimization software. The third place was given to the project, Aircraft wind tunnel model with operating power plant for multiple studies, by Anastasia Kurchevenko and Andrey Duyg from Research-and-Technology Center, TsAGI. A special prize was given to the initiative, Automatic control subsystem for developing and archiving control software based on 1C:Enterprise technological platform, by Nikita Dzhanumov, Engineer at Research-and-Technology Center, TsAGI.

Six participants competed in the nomination for best research. The first prize went to Philipp Sevastianov, Researcher for Aircraft Structural Life at TsAGI, who studied damage evolution in polymer composite aircraft structures under vibroacoustic loads.

The second prize was given to the paper, Shock wave propagation from fan blades, by Mikhail Yudin, Chief Researcher for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology, TsAGI. The third prize went to two papers: Developing typical methods to measure airflow velocity in low-subsonic-velocity industrial wind tunnels, by Svetlana Khizhnyak, Second-Category Engineer for Measuring Equipment and Metrology, TsAGI; and Methods for metal/composite joint strength assessment with characteristic curves, by Mikhail Pavlov, Researcher for Aircraft Structural Life, TsAGI. An encouraging award was given in this nomination to the paper, Research into mutual position of cone on flexible cable and aircraft considering 3D flow, by Aleksandr Kashinin and Valeria Andreevskaya from Department for Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control Systems, TsAGI.

High level of the young specialists’ papers was highlighted by D. Sc. Aleksandr Medvedsky, First Deputy General Director at TsAGI, as he summed up results of the Competition. ‘The leading national center for aviation science, TsAGI aims both at solving most relevant industrial challenges and at keeping and developing the schools of science that evolved during its century-longer history. This Competition proved once again that TsAGI raised the new generation of scientists; they are ready to take the initiative and do independent and profound research.’

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