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TsAGI Director General Kirill Sypalo: Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

29 December 2022

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

New Year is coming—this is the time for us to sum up the achievements and plan for the future. As calendar date changes, perfect moment comes to bring to life all the dreams.

The outgoing year proved that any challenges are an opportunity for development and creation of something new. Aviation industry has faced serious problems that can be solved only through united efforts of research centers and industrial enterprises. TsAGI is actively involved into creating advanced solutions and technologies for national aviation, the components of Russian import independence.

We have many achievements to be proud of. In 2022, TsAGI actively worked with key aviation technology developers, including Irkut Corporation, Russian Helicopters, UWCA, etc. Great results were made within state contracts. The Institute has succeeded in fundamental research, including that within the World-Class Research Center ‘Supersonic’. Moreover, the year has been very rich in events. TsAGI organized the large-scale Forum on National High-Speed Transport Ecosystem which partnered the 2nd Congress of young scientists; it took part in World Science Forum in South Africa... This is not an exhaustive list of examples to mention. Most importantly, we kept moving forward despite all the challenges.

Indeed, it is TsAGI community that deserves all the achievements. And the winter holidays are a good chance to thank everybody for good daily work that has ultimately made a valuable contribution to our common goal, and, correspondingly, to development of Russian aviation on the whole.

Indeed, the 2023 will open a new flight path towards achievements and success. We will keep working on breakthrough technologies, seeking for new solutions and approaches to develop aviation science.

Today, goal commitment and self-devotion are unprecedentedly important—and this requires optimism, self-belief and reliable family support. So let the New Year bring all this to you. Wishing luck, well-being and good health to you and your closest ones.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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