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TsAGI Holds Conference on Aerodynamics with Scientists and Aviation Industry Representatives

28 December 2022

Research into aerodynamics is a major area of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) activities. Urgent topics, relevant advanced work and import substitution were discussed at the 33rd Research-and-Technology Conference on Aerodynamics. The December event was organized by the Department for Aircraft Aerodynamics, TsAGI.

The conference was opened by Andrey Volkow, Head for Aircraft Aerodynamics at TsAGI; he spoke on the research done in 2022. ‘Our main work area is the research under national aviation industry flagship projects, MS-21 and SSJ. Apart from that, we did a number of studies for segments of small and transport aviation—these areas are extremely relevant today for domestic air traffic. Finally, significant results have been achieved in creation of innovative technologies and solutions that can improve aircraft performance,’ said Andrey Volkow.

Scientists and engineers from TsAGI presented over 70 reports. The Conference showed great progress for domestic aviation industry and its technological sovereignty. For instance, a mathematical model was created for system of measuring altitude and velocity of SSJ-NEW aircraft, based on wind tunnel test results. It was developed by TsAGI and Irkut Corporation. The mathematical model is a computational procedure calculating the physical parameters perceived by relevant sensors, depending on flight parameters and wing configuration. This is a technological stage of designing the system of the SSJ-NEW. The aircraft is being created under program of import substitution of systems and units; it will become another model in the currently operated Superjet aircraft family.

The conference allowed the scientists to share the results of fundamental research—such as report by TsAGI, Calculations and tests of specified half-model of supercritical wing with adaptive trailing edge at the Reynolds numbers closing the natural ones. TsAGI scientists experimentally obtained the laminar flow which almost corresponds to natural conditions—the results could not have been achieved with transonic wind tunnel. The results will allow for studying the laminar-turbulent transition mechanisms, verifying aerodynamic calculation methods, and specifying wind tunnel capabilities.

The conference traditionally covered several areas: aerodynamics and design of different-purpose aircraft, tests and experimental methods, and theoretical and numerical methods of fluid mechanics. The Conference gathered about 200 specialists from research organizations, including, apart from TsAGI, CIAM, SibNIA named after S. A. Chaplygin, MIPT, MAI, Lomonosov MSU, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, etc. Representatives from aviation industry, such as Irkut Corporation, Tupolev PJSC and UWCA, also took part in the event.

The annual Conference on Aerodynamics brings together researchers, engineers and top scientists for aerodynamics; it allows them to discuss openly their results and to identify areas and ways of future development. Initially, it was a corporate workshop on aircraft aerodynamics. Today, it is a major industrial research-and-technology conference which involves hundreds of Russian aviation specialists.

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