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TsAGITech Hosts Open Aeromodelling Championship for Schoolchildren

27 December 2022

Raising children’s interest towards study of engineering science is an integral part of training of future aviation industry personnel. To this end, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) holds annual thematic events for schoolchildren. An open indoor model glider competition was held at TsAGITech in December.

Over 40 young aircraft modelers from Zhukovsky and Ramenskoye challenged in the competition. They showed their skills in creating, adjusting and launching glider indoor models with at least 400 mm wingspan, with 500 mm fuselage length, and the weight up to 15 g. The competition had one stage: each participant was given three attempts to launch the models; the final table considered the total results of all attempts. Flight range was the main criterion of assessment.

The participants of the open championship were mostly well-trained: they attend aircraft modeling classes at schools, cultural and educational centers, and at TsAGITech. For the competition, each participant prepares independently one throwing model or more, as they can break at unsuccessful launch. This develops children’s engineering thinking and fine motor skills. The most challenging thing is to throw models into longer distances as they weigh only from 12 to 15 g approximately, said Championship Organizers who work at TsAGITech’s TsAGIStart Innovative Technological Center.

According to the results, the first place in the older age group (birth years: 2007-2008) was taken by Yegor Pliskunov, Student at TsAGIStart Innovative Technological Center, Student of Lyceum No. 14, with the total result of 53 meters. A silver was taken by Mikhail Mayatsky from School No. 10 (46 meters); a bronze went to Nikita Sorokin (Ramensky Instrument Engineering Plant; 45 meters). In the younger age group (birth years: 2009-2015), a gold went to Sergey Ilyashenko, Student of Lyceum No. 14 (56.5 meters); a silver was given to Ilya Baranov (School No. 12; 53.5 meters), and a bronze was won by Lev Mitryaykin (School No. 10; 53 meters). The Audience Choice Award went to Artyom Chernykh (20 meters), who is one of the youngest participants.

All winners were awarded with diplomas, medals and souvenirs. Additionally, TsAGITech organized a guided tour on the high-tech park; they showed a training wind tunnel, developments of TsAGITech residents, and the core technological courses.

TsAGIStart Innovative Technological Center is hosted at TsAGITech. It popularizes and develops youth creativity in science and technology by involving them into R&D-related activities. Young innovators (schoolchildren, students and young specialists) are provided with technological equipment to implement the projects aimed at development of TsAGI’s innovative activities.

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