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TsAGI Takes Part in World Science Forum in South Africa

23 December 2022

Global cooperation in science is especially important in the contemporary world. Searching for new interaction prospects is a strategic task that aircraft research organizations also face. An integral part of its solution is provided by large-scale international events, such as the World Science Forum (WSF), where TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated. The Forum was held from December 6 to 9 in Cape Town, South Africa.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke at the opening of the WSF. The discussion was focused on scientific diplomacy as contemporary multilateral cooperation tool and climate issues.

Russia was represented by Sergey Chernyshev, Vice President of the RAS and Chief Scientific Officer at TsAGI; by Sofia Blyuger, Director for International Cooperation at TsAGI; and by Irina Kuklina, Executive Director of the International Centre for Innovation in Science, Technology and Education. The agenda included participation in thematic sessions, business meetings, and a visit to the University of Cape Town.

‘Participating in such a large-scale event that unites scientists from all over the world is a unique chance for the scientific community to hear each other and to outline new interaction prospects in the rapidly changing world. TsAGI’s successful scientific cooperation with foreign partners is greatly relevant today for development of new interaction areas. This is clearly proved by the fruitful dialogue at the World Science Forum,’ said Sergey Chernyshev.

The Russian delegation at the WSF focused on promoting bilateral cooperation with South Africa and other African countries, as well as multilateral cooperation within BRICS.

At the WSF, TsAGI delegates had a meeting with Felix Dapare Dakora, President of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS). They discussed the planned signing of agreement between the RAS and AAS with a number of research initiatives for Russian—African cooperation.

Apart from that, the Russian delegates took part in the BRICS meeting by the invitation of Dr. Blade Nzimande, South Africa’s Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation. The participants considered implementing flagship competitions for scientific research by organizations representing the BRICS. In particular, they overviewed the prospects of including aeronautics into priority area list, and discussed a plan of major scientific events within the chairmanship of South Africa in BRICS in 2023 and Russia in 2024.

TsAGI delegates also discussed scientific and technical cooperation in aviation with administration of South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The discussion was focused on joint projects and mechanisms for their implementation.

A separate point of WSF agenda was visiting the University of Cape Town and meetings the representatives of the University of Pretoria and the University of Witwatersrand. During the visits, prospects of cooperation were discussed, including that within the BRICS.

The 2022 World Science Forum was hosted by South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation. The Forum gathered over 900 participants who discussed the challenges faced by scientific community.

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