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TsAGI, CAE Meet on Bilateral Pilot Project

23 December 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) and CAE (the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment) have started their joint research-and-technology activities. The bilateral pilot project focuses on research into principles of generation, transmission, and control methods of onboard noise and environmental noise created by turbulent flow. The parties discussed cooperation prospects in December, during an online meeting.

At the event, TsAGI was represented by Aleksandr Medvedsky, First Deputy General Director, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology; by Sergey Sidorov, Deputy Head for International Cooperation; and by others. The Chinese Aeronautical Establishment was represented by Li Xiaofei, Director of Center for International R&T Cooperation; by Yan Qun, Deputy Chief Engineer, Director for R&T; etc.

The meeting aimed to present the parties’ current work under the international project and to discuss further plans.

Viktor Kopyev reported on results of TsAGI’s research into principles of main sources of takeoff-and-landing high-lift wing noise and modern methods of noise control; the research had been initiated in 2020. The CAE outlined the topics of their work and the shortest-term goals. The parties also discussed the participation of TsAGI during tests carried out at CAE’s large-scale facility.

‘The pilot project by TsAGI and CAE is scientifically important. Effective bilateral cooperation will allow us to create a big test database on high-lift wing flow noise within a wide range of Reynolds numbers, and to develop recommendations on reducing wing flow noise. Importantly, CAE coordinates the interaction between TsAGI and the Chinese research centers. The concept of Russian-Chinese organizations is traditionally effective; today’s meeting confirms this again,’ said Aleksandr Medvedsky, commenting on progress on the international project.

In 2019, TsAGI and CAE agreed on a five-year strategic partnership. Likely areas for cooperation included aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, flight dynamics, measurement technology, metrology, etc.

For TsAGI, CAE has been a years-long reliable partner. The partnership dates back to 1992; the organizations have successfully cooperated since then. They have jointly conducted over 60 R&D activities under agreements and projects both directly and with CAE’s institutions. In particular, new initiatives are being actively developed.

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