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TsAGI Takes Part in National Exhibition VUZPROMEXPO 2021

22 December 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated in the 8th Annual National Exhibition VUZPROMEXPO-2021. The event was held at Sochi’s Sirius federal territory from December 8 to 10.

At the exhibition, TsAGI presented its cutting-edge development—an access control-and-management system based on neural-network identification of faces and personalities. This is an AI-related project aimed to identify people via neural-network algorithms; it can be applied in safety systems of airports, houses, logistics centers, etc.

The Institute also participated in the business program of the Exhibition: Kirill Sypalo, Director General of TsAGI, Corresponding Member of the RAS, co-moderated a panel discussion, Developing innovative ecosystem: Centers for Transferring Technologies and Accelerations. The discussion was also co-moderated via videoconferencing by Vadim Medvedev, Director of the Innovation and Advanced Research Department, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The discussion focused on the issues related to developing high-tech industries, centers for technology transfer, to accelerating innovative aerospace projects.

Welcome speeches were delivered by Vasily Shapkin, First Deputy General Director for Technical Development, NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”; Sergey Salikhov, First Vice-Rector, MISIS; Yuri Shmotin, Deputy General Director, General Designer, UAC; and by Vladimir Smolko, First CEO Deputy, NPO Nauka—the speakers emphasized the importance of creating innovation ecosystems at enterprises. Aleksey Filimonov, Executive Director, National Association for Technology Transfer, reported on the development of technology transfer in Russia; and Andrei Shibitov, Director of Innovations, Russian Helicopters, spoke on the innovative development of the holding.

Yelena Pudalova, Head for Advanced Development, TsAGI, was invited as a speaker. She reported on the Institute’s experience in promoting advanced developments aimed at improving aircraft. This could be exemplified by Sky.tech, the National Competition for Innovative Aerospace Projects, organized by TsAGI and partners; Russian Helicopters Corporation has been involved there since 2021.

Experience of accelerating competition projects was shared by Sky.tech Organization Committee members: Vladimir Voronov, Director, Center for Concept Research, Kronstadt company; Iskander Akhatov, Director of the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials; and Ivan Kosenkov, Project Manager for Aerospace Technologies. Konstantin Kulgin, Deputy Head, Center for Project Management, Railway Research Institute of JSC Russian Railways, shared the practical experience of acceleration in the company.

‘Such initiatives clearly illustrate the real feasibility of creative ideas. It is vital for a scientist—especially for a beginner—to be heard and to know tthe hat industry needs the ideas. This perfectly stimulates both personal progress and, more generally, industrial progress as well,’ said Yelena Pudalova.

The Annual National Exhibition ‘VUZPROMEXPO’ is the key event by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, aimed to demonstrate achievements of Russian science, and to establish effective communications between researchers, educationalists, administration, and businesspeople.

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