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TsAGI Celebrates 103rd Anniversary of Its Foundation

8 December 2021

On December 1, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) celebrated the 103rd anniversary of its foundation. An official ceremony on that event was held at TsAGI’s Center for Science, Technology, and Culture, within a meeting of the Institute’s Research-and-Technology Council.
The event was attended by TsAGI administration, Zhukovsky administration, specialists of the Institute, journalists, etc.
In his welcoming speech, Kirill Sypalo, Director General of TsAGI, Corresponding Member of the RAS, said: ‘Today is the holiday celebrated both by the aviation science and by the aviation industry. On this significant date, we remember the selfless deed of our teachers, and, first of all, founding father Nikolai Zhukovsky. We can hardly find an aircraft which the specialists of the Institute have not dealt with. And today, we remain at the forefront of modern science. We focus on participating in breakthrough projects under state contracts, on doing advanced work within WCRC “Supersonic” consortium, and on many other activities. Indeed, the future holds for us many interesting diverse tasks to be implemented for the benefit of the aircraft industry, both domestically and internationally.’
TsAGI was cheered by partner organizations: research institutes, industrial enterprises, aviation technology developers, and specialized universities.
‘For the city of Zhukovsky, TsAGI is not only the center for aviation science. A “forefather” of the city, the Institute is today’s key partner of the city, which makes a huge contribution to its current development,’ said Zhukovsky Mayor Yuri Prokhorov.
The event also included an awarding ceremony for the Institute’s employees with honorary certificates of TsAGI and Zhukovsky Mayor.
The anniversary celebration ended with a performance by Albert Zhalilov, Honored Artist of Tatarstan.

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