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TsAGI’s Top Specialist for Aeroacoustics Holds Online Lecture for Chinese Colleagues

2 December 2021

An online lecture was delivered by Viktor Kopyev, Head for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology, TsAGI, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The lecture was focused on theoretical methods and calculation methods in aeroacoustics, as well as on jet noise reduction. It was attended by specialists of China’s AVIC Aerodynamics Research Institute. The event was held in November.
The lecture aimed at presenting main trends and prospects in aeroacoustics, at stronger research cooperation, and at experience exchange between Russia and China. Viktor Kopyev informed on work results that TsAGI obtained in theoretical modeling and numerical calculation of turbulent-jet noise sources. He also spoke on test methods for studying the principles of jet-generated noise, including azimuth noise decomposition method developed by TsAGI. The online meeting included a separate discussion on the Institute’s developments aimed at quieter jets, such as corrugated nozzles and plasma actuators, combined with shielding effect.
‘TsAGI and AVIC ARI have years-long productive cooperation which has been implemented within several projects. It is the Chinese colleagues who suggested the online lecture, which proves again that science is borderless. Aeroacoustics lays among the highest-priority areas for creating advanced aircraft. So, experience exchange is vital if we want to achieve real progress in aviation,’ said Viktor Kopyev.
China’s Aerodynamics Research Institute (ARI) is incorporated into Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and into the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE). For the years of cooperation, TsAGI and AVIC ARI have implemented a number of agreements for testing aircraft models in TsAGI, and for designing test equipment for AVIC ARI’s test facilities. Currently, the Institutes are working under IENA (Installed Engine Noise Attenuation), a joint project under BRICS Research-and-Technology Initiative.

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