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TsAGI Aeromodellers Win Russian Sports Cup and National Championship

28 October 2020

TsAGI (a part of the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) specialists became winners at the Russian Aeromodelling Cup and at the Russian National Championship. Both events were held early October in Nalchik (the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic).

The Russian Cup included only one stage this year, although it has usually eight stages during a year. The results of only one competition determined prize winners. Alexey Burdov from Research and Production Complex (TsAGI), International Master of Sports, became the Cup winner. His colleague, Albert Bulatov, Honored Master of Sports, took the second place. Both sportsmen compete in rubber-powered model class.

‘It was pretty unclear if aeromodelling competitions would take place this year. Nevertheless, they were organized—and held quite successfully. All the participants took the necessary preventative measures. The competitions turned out crowded despite the peculiarities of this year. About 50 sportspeople competed in glider class, and somewhat 40 sportspeople competed in rubber-powered model class,’ said Bulatov.

TsAGI also succeeded in the second competition, Russia’s National Aeromodelling Championship. 90% of the competitors made mistakes at the start due to severe weather conditions and failed to finish. Despite this, Alexey Ryazantsev from Research and Production Complex (TsAGI), International Master of Sports, took the second place in glider model class.

‘The competition was held in Nalchik in autumn for the first time—it usually takes place in spring and in summer,’ said Alexey Ryazantsev. ‘The weather was peculiar: there were rather risky wind gusts the day we started. This is rarely seen in Russia. It could still bring some positive things as we experience new conditions and get adapted to them. Every such experience is useful for sportspeople.’

The past competitions were qualifying for determining the composition of the Russian national team. Currently, the extended Team includes Alexey Burdov, Albert Bulatov and Alexey Ryazantsev, who work in Research and Production Complex (TsAGI). After three more competitions, the Team will represent Russia at 2021 World Championship in Moncontour, France.

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