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TsAGI Participates in HondaJet Certificate Validation

21 October 2020

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) Certification Center participated in certificate validation for Honda HA-420, a Japanese business twinjet trademarked as HondaJet.

Rosaviatsia (the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency) issued a Russian certificate for the jet.

Validating the certificate type given by foreign aviation authorities is primarily aimed at checking the differences in the airworthiness standards applied in Russia and abroad.

Within this project, TsAGI was responsible for checking if the jet’s structure meets the Aviation regulations, Part 23 ‘Airworthiness standards for light civil aircraft’, in terms of materials, statistic strength, service life and operational life.

‘Validation usually includes two stages. At the first stage, specialists have an insight into the type design, and make a list of technical questions on the project. Then, a number of technical meetings is held at an aircraft developer’s facility, so that the technical reviewers decide if the structure meets Russian airworthiness standards,’ said Stanislav Dubinsky, Acting Head of Certification Center (TsAGI).

Apart from TsAGI’s Certification Center, Aircraft Certification Bureau (a department of Rosaviatsia) and Russian Aviation Register involved Airworthiness Certification Center and Gromov Flight Research Institute Certification Center in the validation.

HondaJet is a business jet by Honda Aircraft company. It has composite fuselage; its capacity is 1-2 air crew members and 4-6 passengers. The aircraft has 4808 kg maximum takeoff weight, 782 km/h max speed, and 2234 km operational range. Its base cost is $5.28 mln (for HondaJet Elite).

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