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75 years. TsAGI's contribution to forge the Victory: Demonstration hall of TsAGI

14 October 2020

In 1943, TsAGI opened the Demonstration Hall to display new combat aircraft. During the war years, it was used not only as an exhibition space, but also as a training ground for flight personnel.

During the Great Patriotic War, the TsAGI staff’s support for war effort was aimed at providing assistance and laying the foundations for further progress in aviation technology. Despite the difficulties of those years, TsAGI solved many problems of aerodynamics, flight dynamics, strength, aeroelasticity of aircraft, etc. which were so important for aircraft construction in practice.

It is also worth saying about TsAGI scientists’ extensive scientific work in that time. During the war, they held several major scientific and technical conferences where leading experts provided their reports on the research on high-speed aircraft.

Moreover, in 1943, in Moscow, in the premises of the former Aviation, Hydroaviation and Experimental Construction department of TsAGI, which had been merged with the Tupolev Hydroaviation by that time, the Demonstration Hall was organized for the exhibition of new combat aircraft, showing their features and improvements. The exhibition also presented captured enemy aircraft and disclosed their parameters; aircraft of the Allied Air Force were also exhibited.

Numerous delegations from the active army, specialists from research institutes and design bureaus, employees of factories, where serial production of aircraft was set, attended the exhibition. During 1941-1945 about 100 thousand pilots, engineers and technicians underwent training in the Demonstration Hall.

Thus, even in the years of severe hardship in Russia, TsAGI continued active research and educational work.

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