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TsAGI celebrates Zhukovsky Heroes Day

19 November 2019

On November 14th, Andrey Voytyuk, Deputy General Director for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky (part of the National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute NRC), took part in the Hero Day celebration in Zhukovsky, Moscow region. The event was held in the local Palace of Culture.

This year the holiday was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the landing of the fighters on the deck of Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier (former Tbilisi). This first complex piloting element in USSR history was done in 1989 by Victor Pugachev, the USSR Hero and test pilot of Sukhoi Design Bureau, on his Su-27K heavy fighter. That was the start of the Soviet and Russian carrier-based aviation. TsAGI played an active part by providing a flight simulator for test pilots to practice their skills and prepare for take-off from and landing on an aircraft-carrier.

‘The Heroes of Zhukovsky are, first of all, the heroes of the sky,’ said Voytyuk. ‘I have always admired these people. Having received a higher rank, none of them has stepped aside to rest on their laurels. They have all kept on working in aviation, with a complete self-devotion. I hope that, in cooperation with the local authorities, we will make our lifelong dream true and will create the Lane of Heroes in Zhukovsky. This will immortalize those who were upbringing the aircraft-building industry in our country.’

Mayor of Zhukovsky, Yury Prokhorov addressed the heroes with warm words of welcome. He emphasized that that all domestic aerial vehicles owe their start to those test pilots.

Then ‘the magnificent eight’ of carried-based aviation pioneers came onstage: USSR Heroes and Honored Test Pilots — Victor Pugachev, Toktar Aubakirov and Vladimir Kondaurov; Russia’s Heroes and Honored Test Pilots — Alexander Krutov and Igor Votintsev; Heroes of the Russian Federation, Honored Test Pilots of the USSR, Anatoly Kvochur and Evgeny Frolov, and 1st class test pilot Yury Semkin. Also Colonel General of the Air Force, Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation Vladimir Deinega spoke about the successful development of the carrier-based aviation program in our country.

November 14th is celebrated as Heroes’ Day. It is a city-wide holiday in Zhukovsky where over 100 Heroes of the Soviet Union and of the Russian Federation are officially registered. For every thousand inhabitants of the city, at least one has written their name in the history of the country with golden letters. The city is also a home for public charity organization ‘The Сlub of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory’.

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