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TsAGI’s expert takes part in World Free Flight Championship

13 November 2019

Albert Bulatov, Honored Master of Sports and the expert of the Science and Production Complex of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky (part of the National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute NRC), successfully performed as a Russian national team member аt the World Free Flight Championship in Lost Hills (California, the USA) last October. Russian contestants came second in the team event.

38 teams from different countries fought for leadership. The competition was conducted in three categories, each for one type of free-flying aircraft models: gliders (F1A), rubber-powered (F1B), and timers (F1C). The main competitors to Russia were the USA, Ukraine, Poland and Israel. According to Bulatov, the competitors were strong and well-equipped.

‘In the US, we faced the toughest weather conditions for us: heat and calm,’ said Bulatov. ‘Normally, we use a portable weather station to evaluate the upward air, but lack of air made it useless. So, we had to assess the situation by indirect indicators, for example, by watching birds and other flying objects. These difficulties lowered the performance of many experienced participants, including those from the US, although they were believed to know better local weather conditions.’

In the team event, in the rubber-powered models category, Russian participants took the second place, whereas in the individual event the TsAGI’s participant was the sixth.

Meanwhile, TsAGI’s model aircraft constructors are looking forward to Macedonia’s 2020 European Championship. Albert Bulatov will join Russian team as the winner of the 2018 European Championship and perform in the individual competition.

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