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Wind tunnel tests of new Ferris wheel by TsAGI scientists

7 November 2019

The specialists of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky (part of The National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute NRC) tested a model of ride named Sun of Moscow. The experiments were conducted as part of design and exploration work commissioned by ‘’Koleso-VDNH’’, LLC, ("Sun of Moscow’’).

“The structure is quite complex — both technically and architecturally. The Ferris wheel consists of several hundred of aerodynamically identifiable elements, forming the spatial laced trussed load-bearing unit of the object. This includes ‘wheel rims’ and ‘spokes’, a supporting tower, and cabins. Each of those elements has its aerodynamic properties, to say nothing of their interference effects. There is only a few rides like that in the world” said Alexander Airapetov, Head of Division in TsAGI’s Research and Development Moscow Complex (RDMC), Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

The works were carried out in the T-1-2 experimental facility of RDMC. In order to test the Ferris wheel, TsAGI experts had to study the model in detail for wind loads and aerodynamic stability in conditions of surrounding buildings. The scientists studied the wind loading behaviour of both the wheel as a whole, and its separate elements, like passenger cabins. The tests were performed in accordance with standards for wind speeds in Moscow (up to 44 m/s).

An angular oscillations unit, imitating the model’s dynamic behaviour in a direction perpendicular to flow, was used to study aerodynamic stability in the circular range of wind angles.

The experiments have confirmed the wind loading characteristics projected. The entire structure of the new ride is aerodynamically stable in standard wind and landscape conditions of Moscow.

Sun of Moscow Ferris wheel will be installed to the left of the southern entry to VDNH, close to Pavilion № 7 Seeds. The 136-meter-high ride equipped with 30 closed cabins accommodating 15 people each will be the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

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